Operated Services

UKdima Engineering / SDS use cutting edge technology and innovative solutions for concrete removal. Our techniques are used in many diverse applications from new builds and refits, to more sensitive environments such as refurbishing old buildings or decommissioning power stations. Diamond drilling as sawing methods are faster, more efficient, more precise and less disruptive than conventional systems of concrete removal.

Diamond Core Drilling

diamond core drilling

Using a diamond tipped core bit and hand held or rig mounted drill motor, holes of any size can be drilled either wet or dry into reinforced concrete at virtually any angle.

Applications include: precisely positioned single holes for mechanical and electrical services, pipe work and heating conduits, ventilation shafts and telephone cables, investigative core sampling and anchor holes or stitch drilling (drilling a series of overlapping holes) of larger sections that are too big to cut or saw.

Diamond Wire Sawing

diamond wire sawing

When it comes to wire sawing, our reputation is unequalled. We specialise in taking on technically difficult projects and have been involved in many high profile contracts such as wire sawing in Culligran, Longannet and Cruachan Power Stations, Sellfield and Winfrith Nuclear Power Stations, Bridgetown Pier – Barbados, Birmingham Bull ring and International Airport, and even wire sawing a solid steel off-shore barge in half in Ireland!

Wire sawing is ideally suited for large cuts of almost any size. Using a remote controlled electronically or hydraulically driven sawing unit, loops of diamond wire are pulled through the material to complete a cut. Diamond wire can be used wet or dry and specifications can be adapted to suit the requirements of any contract. We can cut anything from heavily reinforced and massed concrete, sub-sea, offshore, super-shot concrete, carbon steel, stainless steel, pig iron to solid steel.

Selective Demolition

selective demolition

We are the UK and Ireland importer for TopTec robotic demolition machinery. Utilising these robots alongside our articulated loading machines is the safest method of controlled demolition, material reducing, handling and breaking – especially in sensitive or confined environments. They are electrically driven and remote controlled and therefore frequently used in non-ventilated areas and all hazardous applications. They are commonly used in industry sectors such as construction, demolition, cement and steel plants and nuclear decommissioning.

Our Avant articulated loading machines are ideal for material handling. Their compactness makes them perfect for use in enclosed and confined, non-ventilated environments. The quick hitch system allows fast tool changeover from buckets, to hydraulic hammers, to sweepers and augers etc.

Diamond Floor Sawing

floor sawing

Floor sawing is a one man operation using diamond tipped blades mounted on electric, petrol or diesel walk-behind sawing machines, cutting into flat surfaces. The blades can be interchanged depending on the material to be cut or the depth required. The saws can be used internally or externally and can cut up to 600mm deep through asphalt and reinforced concrete.

Applications include: road sawing, runways, trench runs, bridge deck removal, openings in slabs for stairs or services, drainage ducts, expansion joints, removal of concrete sections for demolition etc.

Diamond Wall Sawing

wall sawing

Wall saws are remote controlled, track mounted machines supporting diamond tipped blades that are used to cut precise vertical and horizontal slots up to 1000mm deep in reinforced concrete structures.

Their speed and accuracy makes them ideal machines for precision work. The main applications are: door, vent and window openings, stairwells etc.

Diamond Chain Sawing and Hand Held Sawing

diamond chain sawing

Diamond tipped chainsaws are used for their accuracy and safety in precision work in areas where access is restricted. Their versatility eliminates overcuts and reduces patchwork. Openings can be cut as small as 3” x 3” for mechanical and electrical fittings, to deep plunge cuts in concrete pipes, foundations, door and window openings, beam pockets, vents and expansion joints.

Our hand sawing machines will take a 400mm diameter blade that will cut to a depth of 175mm. The saws are used to cut reinforced concrete, brick etc. Applications include cutting of door and window openings and openings in light weight floors.

Structural Propping

Structural Propping Image

We can provide structural engineered design and build propping systems for various application, utilising RMD, needle and acro prop systems.